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Intergalactic Data
Exchange Protocol

IDEP is revolutionizing decentralized digital media by creating new standards and tools to enable a blockchain-based digital content economy.

Harness the power of blockchain

Extremely fast, scalable, and censorship resistant. Built on proof of stake consensus and fully interoperable with Ethereum. IDEP is an open-source NFT 2.0 foundational blockchain focused on effortlessly unlocking the true potential of digital content.

Create and Claim

Through a series of innovative apps and standards, the Intergalactic Data Exchange Protocol enables developers to create their on-chain identity and establish provenance for their work. A brand new way of describing nfts will help to seamlessly blur the line between physical and digital content. This form of blockchain ownership will unlock a whole new level of control for artists and producers.


Establish verifiable intellectual property rights.

License and monetize your content trustlessly.

One Identity. Galactic number of possibilities.

With digital decentralization and accessibility comes digital ownership of goods, media and data. An innovative approach to claiming these goods has been created in the form of blockchain based profiles. IDENTT allows organizations and individuals to have total control over their assets and identity.

Multi wallet support.

Customizable on chain identity.

Universal login to any supported dapp or game.

Secure profile recovery.

No user-facing keys or seed phrases.

UPTAKE NFT 2.0 made effortlessly.

The next-generation NFT v2.0 creation platform with superpowers. UPTAKE allows creators to forge a whole new generation of NFTs. With a simple click both fungible tokens and NFTs 2.0 can be minted and hybridized into all unique asset classes.

Simple user experience

On-ramp for physical goods

New ways of defining NFT v2.0 assets

Design and attach interactable intellectual property rights

Built using a stack of powerful open source software